Top Ten famous Fashion Designers in the World I

Valentino Garavani (Fashion Designer)

Valentino named his brand after his own name, which has become synonymous with Italian elegance.

As early as high school, Valentino had shown a leading artistic temperament. He went to Paris at the age of 17 to study at ecole de la chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne), a traditional French haute couture custom school. He then honed his taste and innate talent in working with Guy Laroche at Jean Dess è s.

First involved in fashion in 1959, he was one of the few Italian designers to be known all over the world. His peers in Paris saw him as a rival. Jackie Kennedy and the ship’s king, Onakis, made him a success by customizing his clothes.

Valentino’s clothing is not about theatrical effects and sensationalism. It’s about getting the stitched clothes out, technically perfect, and, in particular, about highlighting the personality of women and making them feel beautiful. Glamour. Valentino’s artistic style is like a fancy cocktail party, light and charming, and a bit bold and interesting.

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent1936 was born in Algeria, parents are French. In 1955, his sketches were introduced to Christian Dior, and was hired as Dior’s assistant. Dior died in 1957. Yves Saint Laurent, 21 years old, became the chief designer of the world’s most prestigious fashion company.

Dior’s regular customers thought Yves Saint Laurent was too aggressive, he was fired in 1960. He was enlisted for service and retired from service after a mental breakdown. But with his friends’ financial backing, he had his own fashion house in 1962.

For 50 years, most of the classics have been pioneered by Yves Saint Laurent. In 1966, he introduced the concept of “neutralization” to the fashion world; pioneered shirt jackets; double-row button-thick tops; In 1968, the bold introduction of models without a bra to show thin-cut fashion; 70 s started hippie fashion. The fashion trend he pioneered was followed by almost every successful designer in the world, worthy of “a genius who knows how to strike a perfect balance between change and continuity.”

Christian Dior

In 1905, Christian Dior was born into a family in Normandy, France. He sold fashion paintings for a living in the 1930s. One year later, he had his own company.

His fashion design was inspired by a high-class socialite and Hollywood’s beautiful actress Ava Gardner.Christian Dior has achieved outstanding results¬†for the greatest moments of fashion in the twentieth century. In 1947, he launched the “New Image” fashion and became famous. During the war, designers were conservative, Christian Dior abandoned wartime simplicity, began to design luxury clothing, square dresses, narrow waist, berethat back to the beginning of the century. A skirt used 22.75 meters, which was difficult to imagine at the time of rationing.

Christian Dior lived only 10 years after the launch of the new image. In 1957, Dior died of a heart attack at his peak. After that, Eve Saint Laurent, Mark Burang, Gianfranco took the helm, and now the big winner is John Galliano. Make CD brand enter peak again.

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