Top Ten famous Fashion Designers in the World II

Christian Lacroix

Watching Christian Lacroix’s work is like enjoying a masquerade ball. Luxury, elegant, beautiful high fashion seems to be a series of masks, hidden behind a moment in the mind of the designer’s subconscious mind, or a spirit.

Christian Lacroix’s fashion images range from the mystery of eastern women to the quirky stereotypes of women in London and the romantic easygoing of French women. The foundation of these images is that. Christian Lacroix has been immersed in fantasy and reality, passion and reason, but he is not a lonely seeker, his efforts, his confusion represents the situation of a generation. Also spoke the voice of countless people.

Christian Lacroix’s fashion empire grew stronger at the end of the competitive 20th century; He also became the focus of the fashion world, and in the face of such a remarkable achievement, Christian Lacroix calmly said, “it just happened, and the dream of the past came true step by step, like the first meal with Princess Diana, and it was a natural feeling.” It’s like an old acquaintance, but I know I’ve only seen her in a dream. “


He wanted to be a pianist as a child, but eventually he took the scissors from his mother. From then on, he found a way to express love and beauty by his own unique understanding, and Versace’s empire was born, and he was regarded as the darling of Milan.

In 1972, he came alone to Milan, the fashion capital of Italy. At the time, Italy’s fashion industry was just beginning to thrive, and Versace grew to rest by virtue of his enthusiasm and unflinching. Soon a garment dealer came to his door and asked him to design a few suits. Versace excelled in his first collection. His designs were so popular that his partners were happy and gave him a Volkswagen Beetle.

The hallmark of Versace’s design pinnacle was the launch of the Atelier series in Paris in 1989. The move was the first step in Versace’s decision to break into France’s high-end fashion industry, not content with its dominance of Italy, triggering a wave of Italian fashion into Paris.

Versace’s world-renowned tights, whether pure white or bright fluorescent, flickering zippers and transparent synthetic skirts, seem to be the product of high technology, in fact, Versace’s freehand portrayal of dreams.


In 1948, Donna Karan was born in long Island, New York, in 1985,  DONNA KARAN NEW YORK (DKNY) was founded. With his husband, Stephen, a sculptor. They set up a factory in their living room, learning to do it, and they quickly caught the limelight. They began to produce jeans in 1988, and two years later, DKNY MEN and DKNY KIDS were born in the DKNY JEANS,90 era.

Donna Karan’s obsession with black is reflected in her comfortable, textured design style. From a black sweater to a pair of ebony chopsticks for decoration, you can see her ingenuity.Today’s stars rarely wear DKNY fashion, especially Hollywood stars, from Demi Moore to Tom Hanks to the Clintons.Donna Karan products also beauty products and perfumes, these products reflect the luxury, sensibility and modern flavor.

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